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The Katie Black Show

Feb 11, 2022

Season 7 Premiere🌟

TODAY on The Katie Black Show…Tanner Millis! 

Tanner sits down with Katie: Biden’s 1st Year, Addiction, Tough Love, Carolina Center for Recovery, Post-Acute-Withdrawal Syndrome & MUCH MORE. 

We recorded at Giddy Goat, in Charlotte. Thank You For Listening! (*recorded 12.27.21*)

—>If you or someone you know needs help (of any kind) concerning alcohol abuse or drug abuse please call SAMHSA National Helpline 1-800-662-4357, (confidential free help).<—


🌟Interested in listening to Katie & Tanner's first interview? FIND ‘PONGO’ IN ITS ENTIRETY ON YOUR PODCASTING APP! (EP.3 SEASON 4)